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Hello, I'm new here.

I've been dabbling in tarot for about six years, and seriously studing it for just over one year. Between my husband and I, we have four tarot decks; the Gendron, the Thoth, Crow's Magic, and Winged Spirits. My favorite card right now is Temperance.

I noticed this community doesn't have any memories saved, so I'm not sure if there are already reviews of any of our decks posted. So, I'll just ask; what do you think of these decks? Knowing which ones we own, are there others you'd recommend?

Anyway, blahblahblah-newbie-post, looking forward to visiting this fine corner of livejournal, isn't tarot the coolest, blah.

Oh, and I had a question about cleansing a tarot deck. I've gotten some excellent suggestions elsewhere, but what methods would you recommend, and if it involves incense, what herbs or scents should I use?
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