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What's in your heart spread

I found this neat spread on the Aeclectic Forum That I wanted to share with you. It looked interesting.

1. What love has meant to you in the Past –
2. How you think about love –
3. How you feel about love –
4. What you expect from love –
5. What you want from love
6. Obstacles you need to overcome –
7. What you will learn from love –
8. How to let your good qualities shine
9. How you would like love to hit you –
10. What type of person would make you the happiest –
11. What can you do to find that person –
12. +13. Unexpected things in the near future concerning love –

The spread looks like this :

ETA: The creator of the spread has come forward and has asked me to credit her with the spread (see above I took no credit for this spread, just as something that I found on another fourm)


To be honest I am not sure where I found it on the fourms-- She requested I post the link but I have long since lost it. But here is a link to Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

If the author wants me to post the exact thread, I will have to remove this post.

riannesreadings if you have any other issues please email me at ceit@blondiebear.com
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