Ceit (witch_wolf) wrote in tarot_review,


I should have posted this first! I feel so rude not introducing myself first. My name is Ceit and I have been interested in Tarot for some time. I have been studing tarot for about a year. I have seven deck currently and have about 9 books. My favorite decks right now are The Secret Tarot, The Gothic Tarot of Vampires, and the Gothic Tarot. They tend to give me a really good read.

I have started to read for other people, but I have to feel comfortable with them. If I get a bad vibe, I don't read.

For myself, I do a seven card Question spread every other day or so. I do a Celtic Cross when I have a tough questions. Lately I have been looking at other spread to do, just getting comfortable with card meanings.

I look forward to being apart of these communities.

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