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Pentacles in a Relationship Spread Help

I tried out the Relationship Spread I found in the Aeclectic Tarot forum. I like this spread, it's easy and I think it works. I have done 7 Card Questions Spreads and it was giving me the same cards as well. I used the secret tarot for this reading.

I have been getting a lot of Pentacle cards when it comes to my current relationship. I am not sure how it relates.. Here is the most current reading-- Could some one help me out?

This is what I got for the reading--


Meanings are as follows:

1. How things stand at the moment --- The wheel of Fortune

2. What your Head is telling you about the relationship; what you 'think' you should be feeling

10 of Pentacles

3. What your Heart is telling you about the relationship; how you really feel

10 of Cups

4. The impression you're giving to the other person involved

5 of Pentacles

5. What the other person's Head is telling them about the relationship; what they 'think' they should be feeling

The Hermit

6. What the other person's Heart is telling them about the relationship; how they realy feel

9 Pentacles

7. The impression they give you

R 7 Pentacles

8. Where things are headed in the next few months; with me it varies what timeframe this card represents - sometimes I decide in advance that it will be 2 to 3 months, or six months, sometimes I decide intuitively when I see the card. I find it's best to be flexible, and extra cards can always be added to clarify or show further-reaching results or whatever.

The Magician

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